Approved Home Colors


There are ten paint schemes allowed in The Meadows and each scheme includes a Body and a Trim color.  The names and paint numbers below are Benjamin Moore colors (  However, you may use any paint brand, provided they match these colors.  Provide the paint name and number to any paint store to have the paint duplicated.  

Some points:

  • Duplexes must be painted and trimmed using the same color scheme. 
  • Garage doors must also be painted to match either the body or trim color.
  • If you are touching up areas, it is best to bring in a shingle to have the color matched as the color will have changed through the years.
  • Paint colors, painted on shingles to visualize what they look like, may be seen at the west side of the clubhouse. (Note: the shingles were painted many years ago and the colors may have faded.)
  • For full painting requirements, please see The Meadows rules
  • Before painting, please submit an architectural request.

Scheme # 1 

Body Color  Trim Color
HC-82  Benington Grey HC-101  Hampshire Grey

 Scheme # 2 

Body Color  Trim Color
HC-98 Providence Olive HC-99  Abington Putty

 Scheme # 5 

Body Color  Trim Color
HC-80 Bleaker Beige HC-77 Alexandria Beige

 Scheme # 6

Body Color  Trim Color
HC-93 Carrington Beige HC-25 Quincy Tan

 Scheme # 7 

Body Color  Trim Color
HC-92 Wheeling Neutral HC-27 Monterey White

 Scheme # 8 

Body Color  Trim Color
HC-79 Greenbrier Beige HC-27 Monterey White

 Scheme # 9 

Body Color  Trim Color
HC-83 Grant Beige HC-986 Smoky Ash

 Scheme # 11

Body Color  Trim Color
HC-113 Louisburg Green HC-27 Monterey White

 Scheme # 12

Body Color  Trim Color
HC-82 Bennington Gray HC-113 Louisburg Green

 Scheme # 15

Body Color  Trim Color
HC-101 Hampshire Gray HC-82 Bennington Gray